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Tantric Massage Porto

Massages and Prices

Tantric Massage for Men

1h30' - 130€

1h30' - 240€ - 4 hands massage

2h - 160€

2h - 300€ 4 hands massage

*Any extension of 30 min is 50 € and 100 € (4 hands)

Call Now: 925 307 483

Tantric Massage for Women

1h30' - 110€

1h30' - 200€ - 4 hands massage

2h - 130€

2h - 240€ 4 hands massage

*Any extension of 30 min is 40 € and 80 € (4 hands)

Call Now: 925 307 483

Tantric Massage for Couples

Leave your worries behind and relax together

With us you will have both: a very intimate ambiance and a complete confidence

We are with you in order to experience exquisite moments of sensual pleasure and to overwhelm you with the most tender and erotic caresses

2h- 280€

*After three sessions, couples will pay only 200€

Call Now: 925 307 483

Improves self-esteem

Tantric massage allows anyone to feel better about themselves and become more confident. It dissolves psychological and emotional blocks that inhibit the flow of energy.

Reduce stress

Each part of the session will take you into a deeper state of relaxation and peace of mind. You will feel recharged and regenerated.

Bond between lovers

Tantra massages for couples enhances intimacy and adds a little more chemistry to the relationship. It contributes to increase the level of affection and trust.

Erectile dysfunction

When performed regularly, tantric massage is capable of curing premature ejaculation, anxiety and frigidity. It helps also to have a better erotic control.


"I've been to the center for 2 years now and it's something I do not need, ideally every week and never less than once a month. I think it is important to understand and appreciate the magic of Tantra that is divine here, or not to be gifted by true muses of sensitivity and affection! And saturation does not happen since there is a fairly regular renewal of girls.5 stars! ”



A world full of romance and color where candlelight, music, decoration and wonderful masseurs will provide you with a dream environment!

Pamper and awaken your senses and offer you unforgettable moments. It is a clean, refined place with an oriental flavor. The atmosphere is magical!

"LILA MASSAGE" is a Paradise where you will enchant all your senses.


Beautiful spa resort offer soothing environtment

12 Apr


The Tantra Massage - a gate to pure pleasure

For those enough curious who have the courage to improve their sexual life and pleasure, we offer the opportunity of a new experience.

02 Mar


Spring Offer 1st March - 11st March 2017

Always appreciate the Present Moment - live it intensely, profoundly and totally, here and now, through our genuine tantric massage because this is the secret of happiness.