Erotic Tantric Massage Porto

Tantric Massage Porto

Indulge yourself in the conscious art
of blissful touch

Feel Ecstatic


30€ Discount!

On each massage over 1h30

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Massages and Prices

Tantric Massages

For Men – starting at 130€, 90min

For Women – starting at 110€, 90min

4 Hands – starting at 240€, 90min

For Couples – starting at 280€, 2h

*Any extension of 30 min is 50 € and 100 € (4 hands)

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Add Special Treats

Personalize your massage to make it unique:

Nude in Paradise (Naked massage) +50€

Water Caress (Assisted shower) +10€

Ecstatic Touch (Inguinal Massage) +20€

Desire (Nails Massage) +10€

Ritual of Senses +40€

Aromatherapy (Essential oils) +15€

Magic Crystals (Balance with gemstones) +10€

Angel's Wings (Massage with Feathers) +10€

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Massage Packages

Get out of the routine and choose one of our packages:

Packages Magic Package
(90 min)
Exotic Package
(100 min)
Ecstatic Package
(100 min)
Intense Package
Tantric Massage
Nude Massage
Inguinal Massage
Assisted Shower
Nail Massage
Ritual of the Senses
Prices 185€ 195€ 200€ 235€

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Increase your self-esteem

Tantric massage promotes inner peace and brings personal satisfaction and more self-confidence. It awakens the soul and calms the mind. It brings you a sense of harmony and wellness.

Reduce stress

Throughout this massage you will relax more and more, freeing yourself from the stress, tensions and the negative energy accumulated over time. You will feel rejuvenated, nourished and rebalanced.

Share special moments together

Tantra increases intimacy and adds more chemistry to relationships. The tantric massage boosts the confidence, affection and refined eroticism in a couple.

Less dysfunctions and problems

When performed regularly, tantric massage dissolves physical and emotional blockages that inhibit the flow of energy. So many issues like premature ejaculation, anxiety and frigidity will be greately improved.


"I've been to the center for 2 years now and it's something I do not need, ideally every week and never less than once a month. I think it is important to understand and appreciate the magic of Tantra that is divine here, or not to be gifted by true muses of sensitivity and affection! And saturation does not happen since there is a fairly regular renewal of girls.5 stars! ”



You will enter in an enchanted world where an erotic and magic environment reigns. With the warm light of the candles, the background soft music and the relaxing aroma, you will totally surrender in the skilled hands and bodies of our masseuses.

Be pampered and awaken your senses in a vibrating massage. Let your eroticism flow to a pure delight, where your body will shiver with pleasure and enter in a new world of sensations never experienced before.

Lila is a paradise where conscious touch opens doors to high sensuality in harmony.


Beautiful spa resort offer soothing environtment

19 Mar


Tantra - The Path of Love

Inspired from the Tantra tradition, the Tantric massage at Lila massage Center in Porto, uses Tantric techniques to awaken your eroticism and make you more spiritually aware.

19 Mar


Crystals In Massage- A Hidden Power

We invite you to enjoy the harmonizing beneficial energy of the crystals that we use in the Tantric or Relaxation massage in Lila Tantric Maasage Center in Porto.