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How can I book a massage session??

To quickly book an appointment in our massage center in Porto call us or text us on whatsapp at the phone +351925307483, e-mail us using the contact form

Is there any possibility to choose a masseuse? Where can I get access to photos of your masseuses?

ou can choose the masseuse you like the most when you get to our space and meet them. Our masseuses are kind, polite and very feminine. When you visit us you will have the opportunity to appreciate all their values, and if by chance you do not like any of the masseuses available, you can decide not to do the massage without any problem. The photographs of the therapists cannot be made available to the client as privacy and description is one of the values we put into practice at our genuine tantra massage centre in Porto.

If I like a massage done by a certain masseuse, can I book a massage with her when I come?

Of course. When you call or e-mail us for booking the massage session, simply specify the masseuse’s name you prefer.

What parts of my body are involved during the massage?

For men, genuine tantra massage is done over their entire body, from the feet, legs, inguinal area, back, chest, abdominal area, neck, arms, hands and head, excluding the intimate parts. In the case of women, we also offer the yoni (vagina) genuine massage, since it has numerous benefits, removes inhibitions and blockages and opens new paths to the awakening of the soul and high eroticism.

What about hygiene? Is there a possibility of a bath at the beginning and end of the massage?

Before receiving your genuine tantra massage, yes, we recommend you take a shower. At our centre you will find everything you need for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath, having the option to be a shower assisted by one of our masseurs.
After the massage, if you wish, you can choose to take a shower again. Our recommendation is not to do this and simply clean your body with a towel, removing the excess oil without removing the energetic effects of the massage (water will have this effect). We will always have carefully clean towels at your disposal.

Can massage cause sexual arousal?

By the nature of genuine tantric massages, and especially by body to body movements, especially when the masseuse glides sensually over your body, they can cause states of great excitement and very refined pleasure. This is normal for sensual massages and our masseurs are very aware of this phenomenon, and know how to deal with the situation in a professional and careful way.

Do I need to be naked during the tantra massage?

For complete relaxation of all parts of your body, nudity is necessary. The movements will flow and the genuine tantra massage that you will recieve will channel the energy and expand it without barriers or limitations.

What should I do something during the massage?

All you need is to relax completely and surrender to the hands and body of the masseuse. Let yourself be touched by the beauty and sensuality of the Goddess who massages you, and your receptive attitude will encourage her to express herself more, with more freedom and creativity, and will allow you to enjoy all the sensations awakened in your body.

Do your massages include sex?

Our centre offers genuine tantra massages, which do not include sex or any sexual act. They are erotic, sensual and refined massages. We do not provide any kind of sexual service.

Do you have prostate massage?

No, but we have the option of inguinal massage, which brings states of sublime pleasure and divine relaxation.

Do you have a private parking?

We don't have but it's very easy to park in the area of our centre as we are located next to the Arrábida Shopping Centre, in Porto - Gaia.

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