How can I book a massage session?

To quickly book an appointment call us at the phone +351- 925 307 483 or email us using the contact form.

Hello, Is there any possibility to choose a massage therapist before that? Where can I get access to photos and / or to a personal meeting?

By the nature of tantric massage which is a massage that requires a special workout and experience, we emphasize primarily on quality. Our masseuses are usually lovely and very feminine. When you come to us, if you do not like them, there is no offence if you leave.

If I like a massage done by a certain masseuse, can I book a massage with her when I come?

Of course. When you call or email us for booking the massage session, simply specify at phone and when you arrive the masseuse’s name.

The text referred to massage, but I would still like to know what parts of my body will be involved during this massage. Thank you.

For men the tantric massage is done all over your nude body except the intimate areas. For women we may also perform the vulva massage as it removes inhibitions and opens heart and eroticism.

Another issue has to do with hygiene. Is there any type of bath at the end of the massage? Thank you.

Before receiving the chosen massage, you must take a shower. We provide everything you need for that. After the massage it is your choice if you want to take a shower or not. However our recommendation is only to wipe your body with a towel very well, so that you remove the oil excess and the energetic effects of the massage can last longer. We change towels after each client and the room and bathroom are cleaned every time.

Massages can cause sexual arousal?

By the nature of tantric massages, of course the body to body massage movements, especially those that slide throughout the body, can cause great excitement, including refined states of pleasure. That’s very normal in sensual massages and our massseuses know it.

Do I need to be naked during the massage session?

For a maximum relaxation and in order to cover all your body parts, yes, your total nudity is necessary. The movements will flow so that our massages will channel the energy and expand it, without barriers or limitations.

Should I do something during the massage?

All you need to do is just to relax completely. Even if the masseuse is very beautiful and sexy, a passive attitude will encourage her to express more creatively and freely, and thus you will enjoy the awaken sensations in your body.

Was wondering if the massages includes sex?

Our Centre provides sensual and tantric massage only. We do not provide any sexual service.

Do you have prostate massage?

No, we do not offer prostate massage.

Do you have a private parking?

We don’t have a private parking but you can easily park here.

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