Eros from a tantric perspective

When we distinguish Pure Eros from sexual energy and learn to use purely the creative energy of Eros, the world opens up and we can see its beauty, happiness, love, fulfillment, sensuality, and the most uplifting pleasure we can feel on our skin.

Read more ⟶ April 11, 2023

Love from a Tantric Perspective

Couple relationships often lose the energy of the beginning and the magic of mystery and what is new. Learn how to make love blossom from a tantric perspective and how tantric massage can help.

Read more ⟶ October 28, 2022

Amorous Erotic Continence - the solution for a harmonious love life - Part I

Do you know what amorous erotic continence is? A tantric practice that revolutionises erotic life and brings us more happiness, love and harmony.

Read more ⟶ March 1, 2022

The Divine Art of Conscious Touch

Conscious touch is a way of transforming our perception of the senses and a new way of feeling love.

Read more ⟶ January 6, 2022

Lavender oil: a source of benefits

Lavender oil, brings happiness and well-being and has numerous benefits. Its properties include promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

Read more ⟶ December 22, 2021