Code of Conduct

If you want women to respond well to you, it helps to be a gentleman. Being a gentleman doesn't mean to wear a suit. It relates more to behavior, and the idea of treating women respectfully.

Our code of conduct asks that all of our customers remain gentlemen when dealing with our highly skilled and professional masseuses. This will make the experience enjoyable for both parties involved and your masseuse will do her best to give you a stunning massage.

We only hire beautiful ladies who are experienced masseuses. Lila's masseuses have worked hard to gain experience that will make your massage an exquisite experience. They did months of training in an international tantra school and they are all certified to perform a professional tantra massage.
Our ladies are sweet, very refined, and place a high value on good manners and being treated with respect. The more gentleman you will be, the more we offer.


See below our rules

#1. No sexual services

Unfortunately, there are many prejudices about tantra, so we want to emphasize that sexual acts are NOT conducted or performed at Lila Center, NOR the sexual services of any kind. In some therapies nudity may appear, but always according to the individual’s level of comfort and personal boundaries.

#2. All contact is one-way

The only thing to do when you come to us is to completely surrender and let your therapist to do her magic. From our experience, when a guest is trying persistently to touch the masseuse, she will feel uncomfortable and she will tend to offer less. So, is better to just enjoy her wonderful touch as she will be more creative when you have a receptive attitude. Massage or touch is never given with the genitals or orally.

# 3. We always respect our guests boundaries

Our tantric therapists ask for your permission to touch, and stop touching at your request. We will never engage into a sexual and/or romantic relationship with a client neither during a treatment, nor after the treatment. Our perspective in the centre is strictly professional.

#4. People we will always refuse

No treatments are given to people under the effect of alcohol or drugs nor people under 18 years old. Also those sick and with skin contagious disease.

#5. We do not allow sexual behavior between a guest and our therapists

    • Intentional sexual touching of genital zone and breasts with either hands or other body parts
    • Kisses on the mouth and face area
    • Hip movements where the genitals are pushed against the masseuse
    • Suggesting any type of sexual activities


To ensure the most comfortable and optimal experience for both guest and your massage therapists, we ask our guests to consent our rules upon arrival to a massage session.

It's not hard to tell the difference between a massage performed by a masseuse who is just going through the maneuvers, and one that is performed by someone who truly enjoys what she is doing.

If you want their passion and attention to overflow upon you, it will be the best to show appreciation and respect. Our masseuses will do their utmost to give you a wonderful and unforgettable massage.