Add more taste to your massage session
and turn it to an unforgettable experience

To have a combination of extraordinary sensations, we have at your disposal a series of options to personalize and give a more erotic touch to your massage.
Some of extra services are included in the time of the desired massage session and some are performed before or after.

Escape the routine and let yourself be carried away by pure pleasure

Select from the options below and add them to the chosen massage:

NUDE IN PARADISE - Completely Naked Masseuse

Extra price: +50 euros

The massage with the masseuse completely naked: this option allows you to create intimacy, feeling the body to body massage fully and completely, in a much more erotic and sensual way.

ECSTATIC TOUCH - Inguinal Massage

+20 euros (15 minutes massage included in the massage session)

Your masseuse will apply special lymphatic and relaxing maneuvers to your inguinal area. The aim is to unlock the energies and the lympha in this area so the energies will flow freely in your entire body. You will feel simultaneous states of deep pleasure and relaxation.

ANGEL’S WINGS - Massage with Feathers

+10 euros (10 minutes massage included in the massage session)

The massage with feathers is an angelic moment as like the soft wings of angels will touch your skin, gently taking you to the clouds. It is a divine and refined moment that you will love.


DESIRE - Nails Massage

+10 euros (10 minutes massage included in the massage session)

The nail caresses will awaken your sensuality and eroticism. Softer to even deeper scratch on your body will create a real symphony of erotic waves from intense to delicate notes, according to your preference.

AROMATHERAPY - Massage with Young Living essential oils

+15 euros

Enter the exotic environment and increase your well-being by adding to your massage the benefits of the essential oils and aromatherapy. We use only the worldwide known brand YoungLiving high-end oils wich are effective when applied directly on your skin. Essential oils are concentrated extracts that derive from plants and have healing powers at many levels, like the emotional and mental level.

WATER CARESS - Assisted Shower

+10 euros (before the massage)

The wonderful assisted shower is the best way to create intimacy with the masseuse before the massage begins. You will have support during the shower and you can have a glimpse of the feminine and sensual touch on your whole body.


+40 euros (after/before the massage)

The ritual of the senses is routed in the ancient wisdom of tantra. Is a wonderful journey through the five senses where everyone will be awakened in a magical and mysterious way. You will feel a mixture of sensations that will bring you to pure pleasure. This ritual will open some secret windows to your soul.


MAGIC CRYSTALS – Ballance with Gemstones

+10 euros (10 minutes after the massage)

After a magic sensual massage, is good to settle harmoniously your awakened energies. Your masseuse will place seven crystal stones on your seven chakras to bring you balance. Also in the hands you will have other two gemstones. Their energies help inducing a deep state of wellness and harmony.