Tantric Massage for Men

Tantric Massage for Men

Tantric Massage for Men

Tantric Massage for Men

Your Secret Wish will Come True

Imagine yourself entering a new magic world. A world where eroticism, sensuality and refinement reigns. Enter an aphrodisiac realm, created to make you feel comfortable and to open your soul.

Here you will feel the divine touch of the Goddesses on your body, soft caresses shivering your skin, your heart palpitating. By being in this mysterious space, all your senses will gradually and slowly be awaken with the help of the divine art of tantric massage.

Here, Magic Happens

As soon as you step in the massage room, you will be enveloped by an exotic and paradisical feeling. A slow and sensual music will inspire for moments of delight, happiness and well-being that will follow. Is the perfect set for a perfect tantra massage for men. Everything in this room leads you to an erotic and divine world: the colours, the smells, the sounds, the Goddess who is ready to guide you to heaven through a perfect state of bliss.


1h30 / 130€

2h / 160€

Any extension of 30 min is 50€

Any extension of 30 min is 50€

Performing the Massage

The Preparation

Before your wonderful massage for men in Porto you may enjoy a refreshing shower. Everything will be ready and prepared for you.

And if you want to feel special, for an extra price, you can always ask to enjoy the feminine hands caressing your body. You will feel from the beginning the divine game between masculine and feminine in the rain of intensity.

A secret sense of intimacy appears and a soft pleasure will embrace you.

The Beginning

All you need to do when you receive a tantric massage for men in Porto is nothing. :-)

You lie in bed, without clothes, and wait until you feel the Goddess near you. You feel her warm hand in the centre of your back, immobile. She will connect with you.

She unleashes her hair and lets it fall, passing it on your skin, like pure silk.

You feel her energy entering your being, is a subtile delight fusion. Her hands begin to move, slowly, and cover your whole naked body.

The Goddess's movements flow with the sound of background music, and begin to guide your consciousness, with harmony, into a new world.

She prepares your body for a complete relaxation, massaging your muscles and unblocking tensions or stresses that you might have.

Your back, arms, legs, hands, feet, chest, abdomen and head: everything is free of strains, knots and rigidity.

As time goes by, you will fully relax until you completely surrender to her hands and body, diving to a state of pure bliss.

The Awakening

The Goddess comes closer will her beautiful body. The sensual part of your massage starts now.

In a erotic way, she joins her knees and legs along yours, unites her whole body to your own: you become one with her. Tantric massage forman is about melting and rejuvenating your entire being.

Her body glides gently through yours. She will use expert body to body moves with her breats, arms, legs and buttocks that will amaze and delight you. Your eroticism awakens more and more, the vibrations propagate all over your body, in a pure pleasure. It feels like you’re in a bubble of divine bliss, never experienced before.

Ascending the Energy

When your erotic energy is totally alive, the Goddess will guide it towards the upper part of your being, so that no sexual tension remains in your intimate area.

All the energy will be diffused in your whole body and uplifted towards your upper levels. This misterious process will regenetare and nourish your entire being, leading you to a deep state of rejuvenation.

At the end of your session the masseuse will give a few minutes of silence and awareness to feel the benefits of the tantra massage for man. This moment can reconnect and balance your entire being.

If you are really curious to see how special is our tantric massage for men, book a session and enjoy this wonderful touch in paradise.

An unforgetable experience that will open the doors of your soul to a new vision about eroticism.