The Divine Art of Conscious Touch

The Divine Art of Conscious Touch

The Art of Conscious Touch

Conscious touch is a door to a new, wonderful world. A world of inner knowing, of contact with the heart and expansion of consciousness. Conscious touch is the key to transformation on affective, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

By offering this kind of touch, we enter into connection with our being, how we feel, and what our state is in the present moment. And the same happens when we receive this kind of touch, our soul awakens and we feel good. We feel cared for and loved. 

Consciously touching another person is an art that makes us happy and transports us to a dimension where the feeling of healing is present, almost as if touch is what we need to heal our emotional wounds and not so good moments that we never get over in our life. Because conscious touch brings us, above all, love - a love that goes straight to the heart. And who doesn't need love?

How to know that we are in touch with conscious touch

At the Lila Tantric Massage Centre in Porto, tantric massages differ from other massage centres especially because of the touch, the way we put energy into every inch of skin we massage, every moment we touch our guest's body. Our conscious touch is combined with sensuality, which makes it even more powerful and intense. 

The difference between touches is visible: in conscious touch the perceptive capacity increases, the body reacts in a subtle and elevated way, the energy of pleasure is more refined and the heart expands because it feels true love invading the whole being. It is a moment when you will realise that the therapist is totally surrendered to you, and that by receiving her touch, you will be able to surrender totally to her. You will both be surrendered to the present moment and in the energetic circle of giving and receiving.


Touch as the language of love

The touch between two lovers is worth a thousand words. If you want to feel the power of conscious touch in a deeper way, you can experiment with your partner and wear a blindfold. With the sense of sight asleep, the other senses will awaken and you will feel the touch in a much deeper and more exciting way. And of course, when sensuality is combined with conscious touch... pleasure is raised to its maximum expoent! 

Try touching your lover's body slowly, without haste. Feel every millimetre of his or her body, and be attentive to the reactions it provokes. If you feel a tickle, goose bumps, orgasms... as you get used to touching with all your attention and consciously at that moment, without thinking of anything else, the person who will receive your touch will feel it much more effectively. 

Conscious touch is a way of showing love and becoming a channel for the energy of love to pass through us and to flood the being of the person we are touching. By focusing on the present moment, the here and now, without the mind being disturbed by thoughts, we will be able to feel how a simple touch - a massage, a caress, holding hands, a hug - becomes something so intimate. So pure and elevated. 

The unique and ineffable moments of conscious and attentive touch between two lovers take us to heights, making us feel more alive and connected to the other, and to our essence, to our soul. Each touch will transform into a thousand nuances of infinite pleasure, refined and authentic, spreading through the body, from the feet to the head, inducing a soft state of beatitude and elevation.