Love from a Tantric Perspective

Love from a Tantric Perspective

Love from a Tantric Perspective

The energy of the beginning

We all long for a life in love, a life alongside a person we love. And when we meet this person, how do we manage to keep the flame of love burning? The overwhelming passion that flooded our hearts at the beginning of the relationship? How do we sustain the magical awakened beginning?

Most people assume that the initial enthusiasm and attraction fades over time. The tantric perspective teaches us something different, that the powerful and intense beginning does not have to die like the flame of a candle that burns out over time. The energy of the beginning can be invoked and multiplied, lighting many more candles and bringing more light and joy into the relationship. The energy of the beginning is composed of a great deal of mystery and spontaneity. We don't know our new love, every day we discover something new about him, every day we find ourselves uncovering parts of his being to access his soul. 

But as time goes on, we think we know everything about the person we are in a loving relationship with, we think we know all their habits, personality and behavioural patterns. And so, out of the blue, the mystery disappears. We stop asking ourselves "who is this fascinating being next to me?"
Our inner universe is so rich and complex that the discoveries never end.

At Lila Tantric Massage Centre, the massage we offer couples helps in awakening and maintaining the initially felt passion and love, guiding the couple to keep the flame burning continuously, to feel the constant mystery and richness of their inner universes. 

What can we do to rekindle the flame of love?

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

Continuous, conscious transformation through love 

One of the secrets of the Tantric system to keep the flame of love burning is to live life in a process of continuous transformation and evolution. Emotionally, psychically and spiritually. By being in constant transformation, the longed-for "newness" will be permanent, we will feel the relationship is always fresh because we will change parts of ourselves and we will always discover something new in the other. 

Transformation means leaving the comfort zone, opening doors for healing, for new habits and new ways of living. It means sacrificing the security we are so familiar with and taking a leap into the adventure we call life. Living life following our heart to always discover something new.
And our heart calls permanently for LOVE. If we truly love the person we are in a loving relationship with, we will feel that our heart will "force" us to let go of attachment, to make certain compromises, to leave behind certain illusions for the sake of love. Being selfless, loving, empathetic and compassionate are some of the key attributes that will help us in a harmonious, transformative relationship based on pure love.

Answering the call of love means facing our fears, not letting ourselves be led only by pleasure and being able to live intensely, in passion, in openness of heart, surrendering to life and to the fire of love. 

Tantric Massage opens the doors to the new reality of tantric love

For many couples, entering the world of Tantric massages is a step that requires courage, and indeed symbolises a departure from the comfort zone. They bring their intimacy to our Massage Temple, and open themselves to the hands of the therapists so that their love can blossom. 

In the course of this tantric experience jealousy, insecurities, inhibitions and certain fears that in one way or another influence a love relationship can be overcome. And with this step full of courage and love, a new horizon opens up. A horizon where one comes into contact with a conscious touch, with a high level of eroticism, of a sensitivity to touch, of an opening of the heart to feel true states of happiness, beatitude, plenitude, joy and love that the couple could never imagine exist. 

The couple gets out of the routine and awakens the flame of mystery, of effervescence and of what is new. Tantric massage teaches that the way we relate to each other is always new, full of different nuances, flavours and textures. It is always an adventure covered in beauty, of appreciating the qualities of the other, of falling in love over and over again, if we feel love blossoming. Love is a constant discovery that our heart yearns for, from the very beginning of life.