Tantric Massage for Women

Tantric Massage for Women

Tantric Massage for Women

Tantric Massage for Women

Woman – such a Marvelous Present

Being a woman is a gift. Every woman is a very complex and rich universe by herself.

There are many ways to rediscover yourself: meditation, love relationships, inner introspection etc. The tantric massage for women is another door to discover new treasures in your body and soul to fulfill and to live the maximum your own femininity.

The woman’s body is a sacred gate for divine pleasures and is our task to unlock them for you.

In Lila’s erotic realm, all our women guests will be treated in a special and careful way because they need it. You will also feel in your whole being the touch, the love and the eroticism that our masseuses are able to give.

You will awaken your most feminine qualities, open the heart through the conscious touch. Reconnecting with your true nature, you will feel free and unashamed, being in a state of real happiness and purity.


1h30 / 110€

2h / 130€

Any extension of 30 min is 40€

Any extension of 30 min is 40€

Performing the Massage

How will my Experience be?

Our tantric massage for women that you will receive in the city of Porto is a delightful combination between relaxation massage and sensual movements. There are special maneuvers for unlocking some specific points on the meridians so the awakened erotic energy to freely flow inside your body. Will also activate and harmonize your internal organs, nourishing all your being.

You will feel like a water fountain rising up to blissful states. Some women experience the awakening of the heart and a connection with their own soul.

Your orgasmic power will be released and your inner sensuality will increase. Let yourself be transformed in the powerful woman that you already are.

Yoni - the Door to Heaven

At the end of your tantra massage for woman in Porto, if you are really prepared and if you request it, an Yoni massage will follow. This very intimate moment is done with care and affection, opening the doors of your Yoni (vulva) – the symbol of the Great Goddess.

Our masseuses are expert and they guide you for opening this precious portal that you and all the women possess.

The therapist will gently massage your yoni at first on the outside part, and slowly will enter to the inner part, in a kindly manner, with her finger(s). Just like in reflexology when all your body is reflected on feet, for example, the vagina massage follows the same principle. So, all your areas connected to organs and chakras will be stimulated in a tender way.

During our erotic massage for ladies the experience is very different from a woman to another: some may feel a catharsis (release) of old traumas and suppressed emotions, some feel a pure pleasure and even deeper and new kinds of orgasms.

Your Yoni will Smile :-)

This intimate tantra massage for women has several beneficial effects and among them is the ability for you to connect with your own body, amplify sensuality, relieve tensions and negative emotions and helps with Premenstrual Syndrome.

A delicate and heavenly moment, where the woman will come in contact with her soul through the pleasure and love that her Yoni will reflect.

You’re in Good Hands

We can assure you that you will feel totally safe with us. Our centre works with women for more than nine years and one of our main concerns is for you to be confident to surrender to this moment of finding your true nature and happiness.

We are a team that respects the privacy of our guests and their decisions, putting their safety and well being in first place.

Feel your true femininity power and meet yourself in paradise. In Lila Centre, with the tantric massage for women, we take you to a new and divine world that you will love!