Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric Massage for Couples

Love, Enjoy and Share Together

Many people are going alone to erotic spas but as soon as they are in relationship, they are just not so comfortable to do it. It is like it’s against the rules.

But being in a couple should be a natural sharing about who we are and what we like. Going together to a professional and genuine tantra massage centre like Lila, can be an extraordinary moment to remember for both of you. Because our massages are very complex and they may bring a sense of intimacy and cuddling to you and to your beloved one.

Enter a new Phase of your Relationship

A strong foundation of a couple is trust. And being able to share with your sweet one a tantra massage for couples in Porto is a good step. We assure you that both of you will receive a well-done massage and no sexual services included. Be confident that you will be in good and professional hands.

Through our massages, couples learn the art of touch, using the senses as leverage to achieve greater awareness and sensitivity, strengthening the bonds of fellowship, love and friendship.

We are with you in order to experience exquisite moments of refined pleasure and to overwhelm you with the most tender and sensual caresses.

Our tantra massage for couples is a living proof that a love relationship can always have something new and fresh, that will spice it up and bring a lot of enjoyment to both. Surrender to a moment of elevated eroticism and feel the art of the divine tantric massage.


2h / 280€

*After three sessions, couples will pay only 200€

*After three sessions, couples will pay only 200€

Performing the Massage

The Benefits of this Marvelous Experience in Couple

Both of you will rejuvenated after a couples tantra massage with us. To help for you to know a little bit more about the power of this therapy, here are some beneficial effects that you might experience:

  1. Helps in the healing of sexual dysfunctions that might exist.
  2. Dissolves emotional and physical blockages that inhibit the flow of energy and extend the experience of pleasure and enjoyment to the couple.
  3. It allows you two to explore pleasure in new, sensual and creative ways.
  4. It creates conscious connection between you two, together body, mind and soul.
  5. Increases polarity, attraction and mutual love in your couple.
  6. It opens a deeper level of intimacy and happiness in your everyday life.
  7. Leads you to find within an oasis of peace and harmony.

Why a Tantric Massage for Couples?

Maybe you want to make a special gift and to treat your partner to a sensual feast.

Or maybe you want be co-creative in your relationship and heal past pains and unhealthy patterns. The tantric massage for couples is amazing and you feel your senses so alive!

Another big reason you should think about is that you may see after a massage session your beloved one in a new light and you be able to worship each other as the living God and Goddess that you are (even if you don’t realize it yet!).

Let all expectations and inhibitions behind and connect into ourselves and with each other through sensual touch. Leave your worries behind and come to relax together with a tantra massage for couples in our centre.

Is important for the couple to know how to provide pleasure and tenderness to each other and with us you will find both, in a very intimate ambiance and refinement place.