Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

Chose Wise, chose Classic

Interested in deep relaxation and releasing tensions? Relaxing massage is perhaps the most popular massage in the world and is the perfect choice if you are in Porto.

It was created to loosen up tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer or exercising. It is also very helpful for people who hold a lot of tension in their lower back, shoulders or neck.

This massage is recommended for women, men as well as couples who want to find a state of complete relaxation and inner well-being.


1h / 80€

1h30 / 100€

Performing the Massage

How is Performed?

The massage is done with oil on a professional massage table. You will also benefit from aromatherapy, in a background of relaxing music. Before the massage you may have take a shower. You have everything ready for that.

Before starting the massage, please let us know if you have recently had any health problems or operations. You can also tell us in which areas of your body you would like to insist or not.

During your relaxation massage in Lila Centre, our professional masseuses will use passive joint movements, long strokes, kneading and deep circular movements with the purpose to stimulate nerve endings, increase blood flow and lymph drainage.

The relaxation massage has five main techniques: gliding, friction, kneading, tapping and vibration. With the complexity of the movements, your entire being will feel completely fulfilled and with a sensation of wellness.

The relaxing massage is very similar to the Swedish one but gentler. During this time, the therapist performs the massage maneuvers with a pressure adapted to the different parts of your body and takes into account any problems, accidents and dysfunctions encountered or reported by you.

During the massage, tell your therapist if any discomfort occurs. The massage should be a totally pleasant and relaxing experience.

All your body will be in the hands of our skilled therapists and also the feeling of lightness and clarity will embrace your entire being. You will relax in such a deep way that you can even may sleep.

Some of the Main Benefits

Our relaxation massage helps to eliminate both physical and mental tension, installed after a period after a more stressful and tiring period. It stimulates and improves blood circulation, making you feel more energetic by increasing the flow of nutrient-rich oxygen to the muscles in your body.

Also helps with flush of the circulatory system, releases tight muscles and relieves pain. Can even assist with managing pain from conditions such as arthritis or sciatica.

Muscle cramps, knots and tensions are two situations where choosing the relaxing massage is the best option. Emotional and physical stress are all dissapearing. You will feel like new. With all these advantages…

Why not Having a Moment of Divine Relaxation?

If you don't get a massage too often, our Swedish massage in Porto is a perfect fit for beginners. Through our gifted therapists and their techniques, you will be able to relax profoundly until you reach a state of deep-relaxation.

The pressure of our relaxing massage maneuvers are soft to medium. You can choose a harder massage adding 10 € extra.

You will feel relaxed, invigorated and energized and the place of stress and agitation is taken by a state of euphoria and deep peace.