Four Hands Tantric Massage

Four Hands Tantric Massage

Four Hands Tantric Massage

Four Hands Tantric Massage

The Pleasure must Always be Double

This experience is delicious and energizing, leaving you ready and confident to face the world.

A four hands tantric massage is a really unique form of bodywork providing fantastic moments of pleasure. This massage involves two goddesses at your service, massaging different parts of your body simultaneously with gradual movements.

The essential role of the presence of the two muses is the repolarization of your being, bringing a new energetic breeze in your physical and psychic structure. In this way you return to your natural charm, finding yourself in serenity, in the wholeness of a pure happiness which exists in the soul.

Why get a 4 Hands Tantra Massage?

The biggest benefit is the intense dynamization of the energies and a lasting feeling of its effects over time. You relax deeper in a shorter time. It is a fine feeling and lightness of dancing hands and bodies on you.

It is very different from a 2 hands massage in the sense that the relaxation and pleasure are more than double. Four hands tantric massage we provide in Porto is very enjoyable and a truly unique delight. We are sure that soon it will become your favorite choice.


1h30 / 240€

2h / 300€

*Any extension of 30 min is 100€

*Any extension of 30 min is 100€

Performing the Massage

Transcendent Pleasure

At first you will try to track the movements of the masseuses. But quickly you will realize you are unable to keep up with them. You will be merged in the soft touches of their hands and bodies and enjoy a complete bliss out of the whole experience. It is awesome!

When four hands touch your body, your mind reacts differently and gives you the feeling of the unknown. The mind cannot keep track of four hands, so it has the constant pleasure of the unexpected touch and the surrender and delight of being unable to anticipate.

Experimenting this kind of massage makes your brain realise that it’s not sure who is doing what and gives up control. This massage is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go.

Experience a Double Bliss

Imagine the power of four hands on your body, two bodies sliding on yours, covered with beauty and charm. Twice as much energy playing with you, the wonder of feeling two Goddesses carring out of your being in an erotic and exquisite way.

The sensuality, the eroticism and the sensations will be trully amazing, intense and profound.

You will feel though the difference between the energetic vibrations of each masseuse, feeling in the end, the combined energy – the sublime result of the divine game played in three.

Getting this kind of massage will melt away your fatigue and worries so you can feel rejuvenated and healthier.

Feeling the True Tantric Massage

This experience will help you to plunge into the world of harmony and deep relaxation. The four hands tantric massage is indeed a delicacy.

At Lila Massage centre, men, women and couples will be able to get a memorable 4 hands massage session. Our professionally trained masseuses have the sole aim is to pamper our guests and deliver a heavenly tantra massage.

There is no better way to unwind you while travelling to the beautiful city of Porto - Gaia than indulging in 4 hands tantric massage at our centre. If you are tired after long hours of flight, you can rejuvenate yourself in the hands of our experienced and gifted masseuses.

You are entitled to have fun and feel pleasure – Wait no more and look no further. Treat yourself with expert massage therapists who are well-trained in the four hands tantric massage techniques.