What is tantric massage?

What is tantric massage?

We have often asked ourselves what tantric massage is, after all. Many people know that it includes a spiritual part, that it includes some eroticism, that it is correlated with energies... but what is such a massage like in practice? What makes it so special?

So let's create a tantric massage in your mind, so you can feel how wonderful it is.

Imagine you arrive at our Lila Massage Center in Vila Nova de Gaia. It's a beautiful, sunny, mild day, perfect for relaxing in the sensual hands of a tantric therapist. You ring the doorbell of our massage center and one of our therapists opens the door, dressed extremely sexy, with a dress showing her feminine shape.

You enter our space and sit comfortably in the lounge area. We serve you some tea and explain how the whole massage session will unfold. After a few minutes of conversation, you go to the room, already prepared. Background music, candlelight, pleasant smelling incense, and an atmosphere that brings relaxation and well-being.

You lie down on the mattress and the masseuse, slowly and gently, begins to touch your entire body. From head to toe, with gentle touches, so that you feel it fully. The first part to be massaged with the hot oil is the back area: here are aggregated tensions and blockages that we accumulate from day to day, so this is the area where we take the most time to massage properly.

We then move on to the buttocks, legs, and feet. If you opt for an extremely pleasurable inguinal massage, your pleasure will increase before moving on to the body to body massage.

Next, the masseuse performs reflexology and massages the organs projected on the palms of your feet and their entire surface, in an harmonious and pleasant way.

The part everyone is waiting for

Then comes the most awaited moment: the body to body massage. The therapist leans her body against yours, full of sensuality and eroticism, and handles her own feet, knees, buttocks, breasts, chin, arms, hands, and legs as she massages your entire body. You now experience a refined, heightened moment of pure eroticism. The therapist's feminine energy polarizes your entire being, leaving you in a state of blissful, conscious pleasure. You follow every second, every millimeter through which the therapist's body passes, in your naked body.

With the erotic intensity of this moment, follows the time to turn over on your stomach. The therapist will massage your abdominal area and all the internal organs, your arms, your chest. The sensuality and eroticism present in the contact of her hands with your body are, in themselves, a communication between the two of you.

When she massages your chest, you feel love coming to you. You feel tenderness, care, and love radiating from your heart.

The perfect ending

The last part of the massage is the head area, so that all the awakened erotic energy can be sublimated and directed to the higher levels of your being. By taking the focus off the sexual organs, you can feel the awakening of the heart, a sense of blissful presence within you, the awakening of a very beautiful and refined feeling.

This part of the massage is extremely pleasant: it relaxes you after the intense moments you experienced during the session and leaves you a feeling of calm and relaxation.

The massage ends with the final touch: a tantric technique that will help you "pull" the energies accumulated in your sexual organs to the head area, and which brings you lightness, calmness, and pure happiness.

It's the perfect end to a conscious massage, to crystallize the energies you've felt all over your body, leaving your mouth watering for the next session in our Massage Center Lila.