Tantra - The Path of Love

Tantra - The Path of Love

Tantra relaxes the body, opens the heart and brings the mind into clear focus
Margot Anand

Tantra is an ancient esoteric tradition, a spiritual path whose main goal is to live life in full consciousness and plenitude. The word "tan" means to expand, to spread, and the word "tra" means instrument. Therefore, Tantra is literally an instrument to expand the level of consciousness with the goal of spiritual self-realisation.

Tantra affirms that everything and every situation in life can be used with discernment, awareness and detachment to become better people and evolve spiritually.

The Tantric path is not like other spiritual paths, austere and made of denials. Tantra says yes to life, it is made of pleasure and bliss because we can only experience spiritual freedom when we have lived fully, frenetically and intensely all the aspects of our being, even the inferior ones.

Conscious love

Tantra is much more than eroticism. It is, par excellence, a path of love - and this love is the first step towards transforming ourselves as human beings and celebrating infinite love as something that is anchored in our heart.

When we are in constant love, a gradual expansion of our consciousness appears, from the finite to the infinite, and states of joy and intense happiness pour through our whole being like an abundant waterfall in a magnificent forest.

Love is the main tool that the Tantric path uses in order to deal with our emotions and internal energies. Love is considered to be the highest feeling within us and the one-way ticket to paradise of spiritual liberation.

Internal and external harmony

The tantric tradition explains that our body is the vehicle we have to travel this wonderful journey we call life. And for us to succeed, our vehicle has to be in harmony.

Both internally and externally, our body reflects what we have to transform in order to be happy and feel well, in perfect health.

Control of body and mind

To live life fully with all that it offers us it is important to have control over our being not only on a physical level but also on a mental and emotional level.

The tricks of the mind and its constant fickle activity must be transcended and overcome, as well as the emotions and the way they are manifested (in an unconscious and chaotic way), becoming an obstacle to evolution.

Continuous transformation

This millenary tradition helps us to gain a new outlook on life, inner peace and the awakening of the heart. At our Lila Massage Centre, in Porto, Tantra is one of the lines we follow to bring the best of ourselves, and of our massages, to our guests.

A unique and transforming journey is waiting fou you!