Crystals In Massage- A Hidden Power

Crystals In Massage- A Hidden Power

Nature holds crystals and precious stones as one of its most hidden treasures.

With their various colours, shapes and forms, these elements are acclaimed for their beauty, colour, brilliance, transparency and ability to perfectly reflect light. But what are they good for, after all?

Apart from their mystical significance, crystals have occult powers and are nowadays used in astrology, tarot, for treatments such as radiestasis, reiki or radionic table, in decoration or as amulets.

Crystals act directly on health and well-being. With powerful characteristics, they can improve sleep, mood, the body's energetic alignment and modulate the body's energetic frequencies.

They can also be used to minimise negative emotions such as sadness or depression and release stagnant energies.

Crystals and their characteristics

Each crystal has unique properties and is used according to the moment or life situation that we wish to transform and harmonize.

- For the work, we recommend using aquamarine, lapis lazuli or blue tourmaline crystals. Pyrite symbolises wealth at work and diospidium brings professional and financial fulfilment.

- On a spiritual level, we recommend using amethyst, which activates intuition and helps meditation. Quartz crystal, which symbolises mysticism and wisdom, is also suitable.

- For the family, the white quartz crystal is the ideal choice, as well as onyx and black tourmaline, which absorb bad energy and energise the environment.

- For prosperity, pyrite, turquoise, garnet, citrine, emerald, green tourmaline and green quartz crystals are the best fit to bring abundance and balance.

- For love, the most commonly used crystals are pink tourmaline, rose quartz and white quartz, associated with the colours of love. The garnet, being red, activates passions and the moonstone brings success in the love field.

Crystal therapy at Lila

At our Lila Tantric Massage Centre, in Porto, the crystal’s technique is performed at the end of a tantric or relaxation massage.

The crystals are placed on specific points of the guest's body (hands, feet, spine and head) in order to act energetically, bringing a state of internal harmony and balance.

The guest will feel a heightened state of calm and well-being and may even become perceptive to the way the crystals release their energy.

The cherry on top of the cake after a wonderful massage!