Amorous Erotic Continence - the solution for a harmonious love life - Part I

Amorous Erotic Continence - the solution for a harmonious love life - Part I

Amorous Erotic Continence - the solution for a harmonious love life - Part I


We all dream of a harmonious, happy and long-lasting sex life. Couple relationships are very much based on loving interaction and nowadays, unfortunately, there are several cases where happiness does not knock at the door. Reasons such as frigidity, ejaculatory dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus (difficulty for women to tolerate penetration due to involuntary contraction of the muscles of the perineum), dyspareunia (persistent pain in the genital or pelvic area during sexual intercourse, both for men and women), erectile dysfunction, among others. The causes can be of physical or psychological origin and have a direct influence on sex and indirectly influence the couple's love relationship. The lack of feeling satisfied on one or both sides will bring conflicts, arguments, feelings of frustration and a degree of suffering which can be avoided and transmuted into something beautiful and positive. 


But how? Amorous erotic continence is the answer. An ancient practice that brings us life, health, well-being and inner happiness. A practice used by thousands of people all over the world, and which is fortunately attracting more and more followers. 


Loving amorous continence is the key to a full, stable and healthy intimate journey. Love lasts longer and becomes more beautiful, deeper and with a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction on many levels. The introduction of this tantric practice will bring an erotic revolution to your life and will open doors to the world of refined, pure and sublime eroticism. 

By practising amorous continence we learn the difference between having sex and making love and we learn to distinguish erotic energy from sexual energy.


The origin of sexual continence


Thousands of years ago, the sages and initiates in the Tantric mysteries of the East discovered the power of amorous continence, or coitus reservatus. The concept is also addressed by the term karezza, which is derived from the Italian word "carezza", meaning "to caress". This term was coined by Alice Stockham although the idea had been around for many years. In addition to Indian tantric philosophy, Chinese Taoists and neighbouring countries were also exploring this new way of making love. 


According to Stockham, karezza means the act of "expressing affection in both word and deed, and while it properly denotes the union that is the result of the deepest human affection, the consummation of love, it is used technically throughout this work to denote a controlled sexual union."


At the time when the practice of amorous erotic continence was discovered, it was still a great mystery of life. But as time passed and the new way of lovemaking blossomed, the practitioners began to become happier and more powerful, feeling the power that the practice of amorous continence brings to a human being. So when it came to the West, this practice of love-making flourished rapidly, especially in the last few decades. There are many people around the world who have discovered and embraced amorous continence as the true art of love-making, including celebrities such as Sting, Rachel Welch, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and Puff Daddy.


This heavenly way of experiencing lovemaking is reserved for those who are open-minded and looking for something that so-called "conventional" sex does not bring: a feeling of almost inexplicable fullness, a communion between souls, contact with the creative potential and power that erotic energy has, and the way it can bring us so much more happiness and infinite love.


But after all, why make this choice? And how to practice it? In the next article from Lila Massage Centre we will explain everything necessary for you to start the erotic revolution in your sex life, and we will give you to discover all the mysteries and benefits of this practice that has transformed lives - loving amorous erotic continence.