The Tantric Massage - Promotion - Lover’s day (Valentine’s Day) 13-17 February 2020

Motto: ”I don't know where my way takes me, but I travel better when I am holding your hand.” -Alfred de Musset

“The moment you will have it in your heart the extraordinary thing called love, and you will feel it's depth, delight and ecstasy, you will realise that the world has transformed itself for you.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Never stop smiling, not even when you are sad because you never know who might fall in love with your smile.” - Gabriel José García Márquez

We have seven surprises reserved for the couple who will surrender and play the game with us:

1. The extension of the tantric massage session with 30min for free,

2. The delight of the Senses,

3. Double-trouble - surprise Massage,

4. From heart to heart,

5. Lymphatic drainage for free, included in the price of the Tantric Massage,

6. Assisted Shower,

7. Sweet Delights.

For Couples: 2 hours of magical Tantric Massage (it includes the lymphatic drainage for man and yoni massage for the woman) for only €260 (€40 discount);

For Women: a Tantric Massage with vaginal massage included (yoni massage) and lymphatic drainage for 2 hours at €130, the price of 1h30' (€50 discount);

For Men: an ecstatic Tantric Massage of 2 hours at the expense of a 1h30 Massage. Due to this promotion, the massage will cost only €150, and you benefit from the lymphatic drainage (€30 discount).

We welcome you to enjoy elevated e conscious pleasure!