The World of Lila's Tantric Massage

The Lila Tantric Massage Centre, located in Porto, addresses the world of Tantra – and the Tantric massage, which has existed for over 5000 years – in a genuine way. It applies its teachings in a reliable way and according to its millenary methods, which overflow wisdom and knowledge.


The process of performing a Tantric massage at our centre begins with the preparation of the therapist: they are women who live harmoniously, who have a spiritual practice, who are aware of their personal development and who aspire to be better therapists everyday.


Our magnificent masseuses have taken an extensive course in Tantric massage, which includes the study of the human body, its meridians, essential energy points, pressopuncture and relaxation techniques. Not only the area of Tantra but also Taoism and Ayurveda.


But beyond the therapist, our Tantric massage at Lila, in Porto, also focuses on the external environment. In order to relax deeply, it is essential for you to feel comfortable.



That is why we have prepared the environment so that you will feel good, will feel in paradise. Soft sheets where you will lie down, music to create an intimate and erotic atmosphere, a pleasant smell in the air, the lights at half-mast... everything is created to be a moment of perfect pleasure.


The inner sensations are transformed

Tantric massage from Lila Tantric massage centre in Porto will change the way you relate to your body. It will awaken your consciousness to bio-energy, and by connecting your whole being, by grouping it as one, you will feel pleasure and orgasmic sensations all over your body. This mysterious energetic process will alter your state of consciousness and may even trigger states of beatific happiness.


And it is not only this energetic process that results from Tantric massage: there is also a secretion of serotonin and oxytocin, which are hormones connected to satisfaction, happiness and plenitude. You will feel in complete tune with your body.


Self-knowledge takes you to higher octaves of pleasure

Our Tantric massage, although erotic, is not just a sequence of sexual or erotic stimuli: it works as a process of internal awareness, it removes blockages or traumas that have been suppressed throughout life.

By overcoming your inhibitions and certain resistances you may have, your body will open up to feel refined pleasure through all the maneuvres of the massage, expanding your own consciousness and connecting with your true nature.