The Tantra Massage - a Gate to Pure Pleasure

Open the gates to another dimension of pleasure and sublime

For those enough curious who have the courage to improve their sexual life and pleasure, we offer the opportunity of a new experience. Feel the exquisite and magnetizing sensations of the erotic energy generated by our authentic tantra massage inspired by ancient oriental tradition.

How is performed a Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage combines relaxation techniques, acupressure and energy balance with sensual touches made by the masseuse using her whole body: hands, hair, breasts, buttocks and legs. Throughout the duration of the massage you will be guided by our expert masseuses in alchemizing your erotic energy and harmonizing it with the other levels of being: emotional, mental and even spiritual.

How long is the best for a tantra massage session?

This massage is wuite complex, regenerating and revitalizing, and a proper length is 2 hours. It is ideal for men and women as well as for couples. This massage offers the opportunity to experience and to live the erotic pleasure in a completely different way, much more complex, in the fullness of your being. Beyond the sensations experienced by each one, couples can improve emotional and erotic communication through our tantric massage thus benefiting from the profound and fulfilling states that appear.

Make the difference

Only experiencing this sublime and sensational experience will help you make the difference.