The Art of Aromaterapy

"Who has never experienced the magic of a jasmine field really knows what a perfume is?”
(Adaptation by Jean Paul Guerlain)

Have you ever heard of aromatherapy? About the power of essential oils? At Lila, we explain everything you need to know about these powerful wellness aids.


  • The magic perfumes

For most people, the word "aromatherapy" is connected to a spa, to a space of relaxation, tranquility, where the smell enchants and relaxes the soul. The natural essential oils have this capacity, to make us feel good.
When inhaling them, the olfactory nerve cells are stimulated, which will enhance the emotional, physiological and psychic healing processes. They are an extraordinary means of relieving and improving health, as well as triggering states of peace and harmony.


  • Aromatherapy - a holistic therapy

In the past, the natural perfume of the plants was extremely valued: for its aroma, its therapeutic virtues and for aesthetic purposes (used for women's perfumes). With the development of aromatherapy, essential oils have become more and more popular in the last decades and today it is a holistic therapy with great success.


This holistic therapy consists of treatments based on the effect that certain plant aromas can have on the person in question. Generally, they can be applied in a specific way, according to the person's affection, they can be applied directly to the skin or inhaled.


  • The essential oils

Natural essential oils are concentrated extracts that derive directly from plants. Such oils are obtained by solvent extraction, distillation or pressurization processes. As the concentration of the oil is quite high, most of the time they are diluted with water in order to be used more easily.

They can be extracted from the seeds of the plants (like the essential oil of almond), from the wood (like the essential oil of rose), from the berries (like the essential oil of juniper), from the bark (like the essential oil of cinnamon), from the leaves (like the essential oil of eucalyptus), from the root (like the essential oil of ginger) or even from the flowers of the plant (like the essential oil of lavender).


  • Beneficial effects

Natural essential oils are also considered antibiotics; they help remove emotional blockages and stress, alchemize negative emotions, balance us energetically and emotionally, increase immunity, have a better concentration.

What more reasons are needed to surrender to the aromatherapy of Lila Massage Center?