Become a master of erotic massages

Massage is an ancient art used to consciously stimulate various parts of our body and consciousness.

At the Lila Erotic Massage Centre, in Porto, the techniques used are learned in an extensive course of erotic massages, where the body, its meridians, energetic points, pressopuncture and relaxation techniques are studied. And we are ready to teach you some tricks for you to become an expert in this field!


Turn the environment into a real erotic paradise

A romantic and erotic atmosphere is one of the keys to a good massage. For the sensations to go beyond touch, the other senses must be awakened.

Choose a suitable background music. Place a pleasant incense and add a dimly-lit environment to bring comfort and intimacy between the two.


Take your time

Relax your mind and calm; patience is extremely necessary for a good erotic massage. All movements should take their time.

Feel you will give an erotic massage to please your partner without expecting anything in return other than happiness and relaxation.


Be creative!

Erotic massages are not only given with the hands. Give wings to your imagination and experience new forms! You can - and should - use your whole body; feathers or hot oils are other solutions that get you out of the routine.

Play and use both bodies to achieve pleasure through relaxation.


Invest in the erogenous zones of the body

It is very important not to fail, at any time, to maintain contact between the two skins, in any part of the body. The erogenous zones should never be forgotten: neck, shoulders, toes, inguinal zone... everything should be explored.


A perfect end

When you feel that the massage should stop, start gradually reducing the pressure on your hands for at least five minutes.

At the end, you should massage your head so that your partner becomes aware of how stimulating and sensual the massage you received was.

Now you just have to practice the art of erotic home, and at Lila, in Porto!