Coronavirus Prevention Measures - Lila Massage Center

In this troubled period all the care is necessary and taking into consideration the recommendations of DGS - Direcção Geral de Saúde, in our massage centre we have implemented a contingency plan with measures to prevent the transmission of the virus, taking the necessary measures so that your health and well-being come first and are our priority.

We respectfully ask our customers that:

* Wear a protective mask (medical or cloth masks);

* Make your appointment in advance and not in person - only by phone, Whatsapp, Messenger, E-mail or Website;

* Disinfect your hands in and out of the centre - we will have all the necessary material at your disposal;

* Do not bring more people with you inside of the centre - they should wait outside until the end of the massage;

* Comply with respiratory care - avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands: you should do it for the fold of the arm with the elbow flexed or cover your nose and mouth with a tissue. Pour the tissue immediately into a waste container and wash your hands afterwards.

Containment measures taken in Lila Centre:

* Work only by appointment to ensure a fixed number and fewer people on the centre;

* All work material and objects which may be touched by professionals or customers are disinfected between appointments (door handles, oil bottles, showers, washbasin, taps etc.);

* Professionals have exclusive footwear inside the centre;

* The professionals do not use ornaments such as bracelets, watches and rings, wires, etc.

* Use of footwear protection;

* Hourly disinfection of the space and rooms after each massage;

* Aeration of spaces whenever possible, keeping doors or windows open;

* The professionals wash their hands before and after receiving each client;

* Temperature measurement twice a day to the professionals;

* Removal of objects of common use between customers (eg: magazines in waiting room);

* There will be no food or drink consumption inside the center.


We are waiting for you for an amazing tantric massage in Porto and Gaia.