5 Stunning Effects of our Tantric Body to Body Massage

That You Might Not Know about

At Lila Massage Temple from Vila Nova de Gaia - Porto we definitely put our heart and soul into what we are doing. That is one of the main reasons why our tantric body to body massage (b2b massage) has stunning effects on our clients.
Because all our masseuses had a long and complex training with some international tantra trainers, they apply key secrets that can lead you each time to a new level.

Our massages are not only well done, but each of them is a masterpiece adapted to your need.
The tantric body 2 body massage has amazing benefits – like removing muscle tension, releasing stress, inducing a state of well-being etc.
But these are not the effects that we are going to talk about in this article. Instead Iwe will talk about something that you might not know.

You will soon find out what are 5 of the most profound effects of our body to body massage in Porto.
Here we go:

    1. It Reveals the Quality of Receiving

Men are used to act most of the time in a  masculine (yang) way. They generally tend to be very active and to give. Receiving is a feminine quality and it is the opposite of giving. In fact, giving and receiving are the two sides of the same coin and are equally important. We could say that life will offer you only as much as you are able to receive.
As a man, it could be challenging to just lie down and receive – as it is the case during a body 2 body massage. But it is deeply rewarding. And the more you can relax and surrender during this massage, the more your masseuse feels free to offer to you in terms of pleasure and sensuality.

    2. Improves your Love Life

By understanding the art of receiving you will step into another world.

Being able to receive pleasure during a body to body massage makes it easier for you to understand the feminine side of your soul. And you will be able to give more pleasure to your lover. The end result will be an improved love life and a happier partner.

    3. Opens Your Heart

An important focus of our well trained masseuse will be to open your heart during the body to body massage. The reason for that is that an open heart could feel.

The heart chakra is related to the sense of touch. The more opened your heart is, the more nuances you will experience during the massage session.

    4. Refines your Energy

An open heart is the condition for a profound shift in your energy.  As our body to body massage awakens, diffuse and channel your erotic energy, a shift will take place at your heart level.

As the energy uplifts and inside your body following certain paths, it will become more refined. The sensual feeling will metamorphose into other states: a sense of a mighty power, or it melts your heart to feel deeply your hidden feelings of affection, purity, clarity, awareness and even a state of wholeness and spiritual connection with universe.

You will experience a shift in perception. It depends how open minded you are, how much you will be able to relax and to let it go under the experimented hands and body of your masseuse.

    5. It is a blissful experience

It all culminates with an euphoric state, a modified state of consciousness that is called bliss.You might feel it during the body to body massage and even days later.

One of the secrets of this blissful state is the blending of Masculine and Feminine energies during the massage. Body to body massage is about the union of Yin (the feminine) and Yang (the masculine).

As your masseuse is using all parts of her body to awaken your body and erotic energy, the fusion of the two energies is amazing. Not in a usual sense but in a more subtle one, we could say at the aura level. And not only in one area but in your whole body.

The effects are cummulative and more profound over time. In other words – the more you do it, the deeper the feeling is.

We invite you to experience in Porto all these 5 effects of our tantra body to body massage for yourself.  

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